Why should you choose N-CASS?
N-CASS is the abbreviation of the Newly CAM Automatic Standard System.
If you put modeling on N-CASS, it automatically completed.
The only systems that you can see the effects immediately of the NC utilization increases, and CAM productivity increases. Decreasing prices of unit, management aggravation due to rising price of resources and price competition with developing countries. Are you looking for a breakthrough in these problems? Nice Solution ‘N-CASS’ can solve your concerns.  
CAM Data influences on the cost and quality of the mold.
Have you ever wondered whether CAM operating time can be foreseeable or not, and worried about over-cutting, un-cutting, and unnecessary path? Processing data determines processing time and quality, and it can help reducing time. How do you manage processing data? Everyone want to put trust in professional experts, but there are limited professional experts.
Automatic analyzing + automatic design solution N - CASS
What kind of problems could happen from pattern saved system of auto-cam? Molding model changes frequently, so it has limitation on applying and choosing the proper patterns for new models. These facts make you keep doing standardizing works and hard to share patterns with other staffs. There is only N-CASS’s auto-cam can product optimum tool-pass whether shapes are changed or not.
50 companies’ directors’ validation
We built suitable DB for fields by consulting CAM automatic standardization of many molding companies. Our company distributes N-CASS after been validated with other companies.
Smart electrode CAM works are changing like this!