Company Introduction

Our company is located in Dangjin, Chungnam in Korea, we are based on system management. From the Receiving order, design, manufacturing, we use ERP system, and we improve efficiency to use NC processing program of N-CASS.

Situation and difficulties that company has suffered

We have 7 machines (including two fifth-axis machines), and we've been working with a UTT program to carry out CAM operations. However, due to the absence of the UTIL-Update, the CAM upgrade was not supported. A situation ensued where CAM data was deficient and had to outsource operation.

Solution/ Setting goals

The adoption of the automatic cam solution was immediate and N-CASS was installed by Nice solution With the introduction of N-CASS to NC equipment, electrode work was processed and the aim was to improve machine utilization rates.

Results / Goal attainment /Take-off

Over 90 % or more of the electrode operations are handled by N-CASS, resulting in more than 30 % improvement in operating capacity and reduced outsourcing costs by 30 %.