Company introduction

This company is specialized in VD molds, and located in Siheung, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. We manufacture molds related to home appliances such as TVs. Currently, we are using N-CASS and NC Brain and one of long-standing clients.

Situation and difficulties that company has suffered

Youngshin Tech was operating CAM without a utility program. There was a lot of work to be done by the operator, and the outsourcing process was inevitable to finish on the deadline. The cost of outsourcing was formidable, and we were suffering from a reduction in efficiency of our workforce. Moreover, the DB was not standardized, so it occurred to us as well as frequent crashes.

Solution/ Setting goals

1) The first goal was to reduce the amount of outsourcing, by the division of CAM work, and reducing the cost.
and 2) The aim of standardization of DB was minimizing crashes in the field.

Results / Goal attainment /Take-off

The N-CASS supports our CAM operation, reducing the amount of outsourcing, and the cost was approaching zero (0). Due to the addition of the equipment, it was efficient enough to work so we could handle them. Furthermore, the standardization of DB has eliminated crashed with the field. As a result, the average workload has improved more than 30-50 %.