Company introduction

Hyuck-jin is locatedin Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. The company is a molds company which is specialized in automobile and household appliances. Companies are expanding their businesses in Indonesia. This is a customer who uses N-CASS and NC Brain are supported by Nice Solutions.

Situation and difficulties that company has suffered

Ineffective personnel management was the situation faced by the company. Because there were two workers, but there was a lot of work being outsourced. One of the workers was the NC staff, and the graphite machine staff was separately arranged.

Solution/ Setting goals

With the introduction of the solution, we decided to build a flexible flow of CAM works. We set the workplace in order to ensure that the workers get involved in their own duties.

Results / Goal attainment /Take-off

The operator could handle his works without outsourcing, and one of CAM operator could return to the field of NC department. The company improved productivity by solving the problem of workforce operations.