Company introduction

Daejin Uni-tech, located in Cheon-an, Chungcheong-do, Korea, specialized in automobile and conditioning molds. Nice Solution has introduced solutions such as N-CASS, NC brain, and PXSERVER, and they are one of the typical customers who are using the system to increase the productivity of their processing operations.

Situation and difficulties that company has suffered

Additional electrode processing equipment resulted in an increase of CAM workload. Daejin Uni-tech prefers to proceed with CAM operation through a system rather than hiring more employees.

Solution/ Setting goals

N-CASS was perfect solution for them because they also need to introduce new systems. To ensure an efficient CAM workload, the system is designed to increase the machine operation rate by building NC data in advance.

Results / Goal attainment /Take-off

We have built a CAM system that allows us to support the equipment that without changing the workforce. It brought more than 40 % of business efficiency from changes in the workplace. Efficiencies of work were found by the simple shapes of models are more than 60%, and the complex shapes of models are more than 40 %.